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It's simple. No more red tape than renting a car. Colvin's rentals are bare rentals, that is no operator is supplied. You run it yourself. Colvin's fleet is available to any contractor carrying general commercial liability insurance, and auto liability. A sample pdf file is attached for you to view. Next, a valid drivers license and a credit card, and you're on your way. Our staff will train you on-site in the operation of each and every truck before you go. You can rent our trucks by the day, week, or month. Call our rental department for current rates and availability and come into our inventory page to see some of our equipment.

Daily Rental: 8 Hour Work Day. Truck must be returned before the start of the next day.

Weekly Rental: 5 Day Work Week (40 Hours)

Monthly Rental: 28 Days

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I Hereby authorize my credit card to automatically make payment from the above account on a (daily,weekly or monthly) basis to pay any outstanding invoice for Colvin's Inc.

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The purpose of this statement is to authorize for Colvin's Inc. (also stated as the merchant) to process credit card transactions from the above stated application. These transactions will be processed via phone orders or in person at the merchant's location of business operation. I/We will update the merchant upon the expiration and/or other necessary information as the credit card stated above is renewed. By signing this document, I , am accepting all responsibiltiy for these transactions to insure fill and proper payment to the merchant.

Insurance Certificate

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All you have to do is open the form, print it out. Then fill it out and either: scan it and email it to or fax it to 781 - 893 - 8371.